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Very Limited T-Shirts availableBadges from previous events now available to finishers.

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T-Shirt orders now closed. 22nd Nov.

Hi, thanks for the support with everyone’s T-Shirt orders we have 145 T-Shirts ordered which is excellent for the charity which we’re supporting, they will be thrilled.

We’ll provide a full report on that later on once the shirts have been made and shipped and we make our donation to them. – So watch this space for a formal account of what we’ve all achieved there.

Our next steps are to get these T-Shirts made and back to us for posting out to you all. We’re hoping to be mailing these at the end of the first / second week in December. We’ll be pulling out all of the stops to get these to you before Christmas (NZ Domestic orders…) – Those who live overseas, we’ll get them out asap, but will be subject to international postage delays, which at this time of year, and with the COVID shipping issues, could unfortunately be substantial.

We ordered x15 T-Shirts more than we needed (of various colours, and sizes), when we have shipped out all of those which have been pre-ordered, we’ll list that stock on this site, with strict controls over inventory numbers, so if you can order it, we will already have it in hand. We are not intending to ‘hold stock’ for these on an ongoing basis, so once these are gone, that’ll be it.

Anyway, until then, the T-Shirts won’t be visible on the shop site – You can request / get replacement badges through the site, and we’ll be transitioning to use this site in future to take entry forms and payments for event entries.

Thanks again everyone!…

Limited Edition NZDR T-Shirts available on pre-order now.

Limited Edition NZDR T-Shirts available on pre-order now.

We have decided to produce some NZDR T-Shirts, which feature the cool looking, NZDR squiggly logo. This may be a one-off, we’re certainly not planning on doing this every year, so your chances to get hold of one of these will be pretty limited. WE WILL NOT BE DOING THIS EACH YEAR.

We are offering four styles of T-Shirt, in four different colours.


  1. Mens – T-Shirt.
    • Black
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Grey
  2. Ladies – T-Shirt.
    • Black
    • Purple
    • Fushia
    • Grey

Other things to note:

  • The sizing charts are available on each of the product pages.
  • We will be making these to order.
  • We’ll be closing off the orders on the 21st November, to give us time to get these made, and out to you before Christmas.
  • There will be very, very limited extra T-Shirts made, and we cannot guarantee that we will have your size or colour if you don’t pre-order.

The T-Shirt design will feature:

  • NZDR logo on the front.
  • Large sized Squiggle and slogan on the back.




Brett: +(64) 22 198 5043


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