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Notes for Double Badger riders (2021)

The following apply to riders who want to do both of the North Island 800/1600km rides:
  • If you’re doing the DBL Badger, you must do the 1600 on the day, no exceptions.
    • You cannot back-to-back them during the weekend.
    • You can however do the NI800 after the weekend (including Monday directly afterwards).
  • We are not making any localised allowances for the NI800 route – you may end up needing to travel ‘onto the route from wherever you live’, that’s all part of it, so you’ll need to plan accordingly.
  • Remember that you won’t know the route until the reveal and it might not be coming directly past your door. The Double badger may require extended effort!
  • No refunds (of your +$20) after entry, as we will have commissioned your badge.

Any issues with these rules, then please talk to us before you put your entry in. We can be reached by email at Distance Riders <>

Thank you.

2020 T-Shirt orders now closed. (22nd Nov 2020)

Hi, thanks for the support with everyone’s T-Shirt orders we have 145 T-Shirts ordered which is excellent for the charity which we’re supporting, they will be thrilled.

We’ll provide a full report on that later on once the shirts have been made and shipped and we make our donation to them. – So watch this space for a formal account of what we’ve all achieved there.

Our next steps are to get these T-Shirts made and back to us for posting out to you all. We’re hoping to be mailing these at the end of the first / second week in December. We’ll be pulling out all of the stops to get these to you before Christmas (NZ Domestic orders…) – Those who live overseas, we’ll get them out asap, but will be subject to international postage delays, which at this time of year, and with the COVID shipping issues, could unfortunately be substantial.

We ordered x15 T-Shirts more than we needed (of various colours, and sizes), when we have shipped out all of those which have been pre-ordered, we’ll list that stock on this site, with strict controls over inventory numbers, so if you can order it, we will already have it in hand. We are not intending to ‘hold stock’ for these on an ongoing basis, so once these are gone, that’ll be it.

Anyway, until then, the T-Shirts won’t be visible on the shop site – You can request / get replacement badges through the site, and we’ll be transitioning to use this site in future to take entry forms and payments for event entries.

Thanks again everyone!…



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