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Entries for the 1KC rides are now closed.

1KC Entries are now CLOSED - Thank you.Badges from previous events now available to finishers.

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Notes for Double Badger riders (2023)

Updated for 2023:
The following apply to riders who want to do both of the North Island 800/1600km rides:
  • If you’re doing the DBL Badger, you must do the one of the two rides on the weekend of the event.
  • We are not making any localised allowances for either route – you may end up needing to travel ‘onto the route from wherever you live’, that’s all part of it, so you’ll need to plan accordingly.
  • Remember that you won’t know the route until the reveal and it might not be coming directly past your door. The Double badger will require extended effort!
  • No refunds of your Double Badger extra costs after entries close, as we will have commissioned your badge.

Any issues with these rules, then please talk to us before you put your entry in. We can be reached by email at Distance Riders <>

Thank you.

Getting ready for the 2022 season.

Hi, we’re getting things prepared for the 2022 riding season now, with event details, entry forms etc being readied for release in mid-June.

So, watch this space, things will be happening shortly. 🙂

Your organising group.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – 2021 Turangi Distance Rides


Email notification sent out to mailing list, afternoon of 24th Aug:


Registrations for this year’s Turangi distance rides close on Friday 27 August 2021!

Here’s an update for this year’s North Island 800 and North Island 1600 rides that are currently scheduled to be ridden on the weekend of 9-10 October 2021.

COVID-19 lockdowns may impact on this year’s event. The Organising Group is trying hard to ensure that these rides can be done by all who want to. We will have to comply with all restrictions for whatever alert levels apply at that time.

There will be an event at Turangi as usual if possible. If not possible, the North Island 800 and North Island 1600 will become virtual rides for 2021. Read on and we’ll explain what the key decision dates are between now and ride weekend and what that means for you:

  • Friday 27 August: Registrations close for the North Island 800 and North Island 1600 rides. We’ll accept registrations until then. Anybody who wants to withdraw at that point may do so with a full refund. From that date the fields will be closed.
  • Monday 30 August: Orders are placed for event T-shirts (we need five weeks to have these ready for the event). Riders withdrawing after this date will receive their T-shirt and the balance of their registration fee.
  • Friday 24 September: A decision will be made as to whether the ride event proceeds or whether virtual rides will be offered. This date is to provide lead time for our Turangi catering arrangements.
  • Friday 8 October: If an event proceeds, riders will need to be at Turangi for scrutineering and the ride reveals at 7:00pm, as usual. If we’re proceeding with virtual rides, the ride reveals will be done online. Details of that will be provided to registered riders after 24 September.
  • Saturday 9 October: In the case of virtual rides, after having seen the routes, registered riders may still withdraw for a refund of the balance of their registration fee (after T-shirt costs have been deducted for those who ordered one). After this point, all remaining entries will be considered final and non-refundable.

Virtual riders will have 12 months to complete their rides. Details will be supplied about photo checkpoints and other information you will need to provide to qualify as a valid finisher.
Certificates, pins and patches (for North Island 1600 finishers) will be posted to you after that.

In the case of virtual rides, we expect some riders to be committed to being at Turangi on the ride weekend. Could they please notify the Organising Group to find out whether this year’s route is compromised by COVID-19 lockdown movement restrictions. If it is, an alternative route will be provided for those riders only. Those riders should also note there will be no Event HQ operating at Turangi, no scrutineering, and no catering.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

The Organising Group is doing its best to ensure that there will be North Island 800 and North Island 1600 rides this year.

Entry forms are live on our website until Friday 27 August 2021.

If you have questions, please contact us, email:

Kind regards – The Organising Group



Brett: +(64) 22 198 5043


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