NI Event Entry (2024)


Before you jump in and fill out the form, take a moment to read the information at the bottom of this page, or on the main NZDR website


  • If you want a T-shirt please add the order to the cart before completing checkout.
  • To enter the NI1600 you must have previously completed a qualifying distance ride. We will ask for evidence of this in the entry form. Suitable events include a NI800, NI1600 or 1KC, TT2000, or any Iron Butt Association ride.
  • Pillions must also qualify to ride in this year’s NI1600.
  • The NI800 does not require previous experience.
  • Our Terms of Entry are here: Rules & Requirements page.
  • If you are interested in doing a Double Badger (both NI800 and NI1600) please read these notes.

Event details

Kings Ohakune (3 Rimu Street, Ohakune 4625, New Zealand) is the headquarters for the NI800 and NI1600 rides.
Here’s the rundown on the event weekend:

Friday 11 October 2024:

From midday to 6:00 pm: 
  • Registration is open – check in to HQ and collect your rider’s card. You’ll need this to complete scrutineering.
  • Bike scrutineering – motorbikes must have a current registration and WOF. Scrutineering confirms that your motorbike will still be warrantable at the end of the ride. Don’t get caught out. We will refuse entry if your motorbike is not deemed able to complete the ride in a warrantable state.
7:00 pm:

We’ll reveal the routes for both rides at Kings Ohakune. This is a very important meeting so please make this a priority. As well as revealing routes we’ll be providing information on road conditions and alerts that will help you have a safe ride.

Saturday 12 October 2024

Both rides start at Ohakune Station Road inside the small loop road by the Station. The local cafe will be open before the rides head off, for that last-minute caffeine fix!

From 9:00 am

NI800 riders depart. Your rider’s card will determine what time your departure is. We release groups of 10 riders at 2-minute intervals. NI800 riders must finish the ride within 12 hours to be a finisher.

From 12 midday:

NI1600 riders depart. Your rider’s card will determine what time your departure is. We release groups of 10 riders at 2-minute intervals. NI1600 riders must finish the ride within 24 hours to be a finisher.

At the finish:

Whether you are riding the NI800 or NI1600 the finish procedure is the same. Park in the lay-by at Kings Ohakune (NOT at the station where you started), take the last photo of your odometer then run up the steps to check in at HQ. 


Extra notes:

  • You have a choice of two distances: 800km within 12 hours (NI800), or 1600km within 24 hours (NI1600).
  • If you’re interested in a Double Badger (that’s riding the NI800 and NI1600) please read Extra notes for Double-Badger riders (2024)
  • A camera is essential to take photos of your odometer and the checkpoints. This is how we verify your ride. Most people use a phone but consider having a backup. It has been known to rain!
  • The cost of entry gives every successful finisher an NZDR certificate and a pin. NI1600 finishers also receive an embroidered cloth patch.

Entry form

Please select the type of your entry using these choices, the cost of your entry will then be shown beneath these options.


After completing your entry form, don’t forget to add a T-Shirt or two to your cart – if you would like.

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