The following apply to riders who want to do both of the North Island 800/1600km rides:
  • If you’re doing the DBL Badger, you must do the 1600 on the day, no exceptions.
    • You cannot back-to-back them during the weekend.
    • You can however do the NI800 after the weekend (including Monday directly afterwards).
  • We are not making any localised allowances for the NI800 route – you may end up needing to travel ‘onto the route from wherever you live’, that’s all part of it, so you’ll need to plan accordingly.
  • Remember that you won’t know the route until the reveal and it might not be coming directly past your door. The Double badger may require extended effort!
  • No refunds (of your +$20) after entry, as we will have commissioned your badge.

Any issues with these rules, then please talk to us before you put your entry in. We can be reached by email at Distance Riders <>

Thank you.